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Dark Design (A Hannibal Poem)
His design is that of darkness
His mind bent and torn
The blessing of his empathy
Scatters his heart with thorns
The other is a poison
Antlers reaching in the night
He corrupted the empath
And drained him of his light
They are seen as friends
Only the stag knows
The truth behind it all
A controlling thread is sewn
He smiles in the darkness
And twists his puppet strings
The empath knows but ignores the signs
He trusts in demon's wings
The empath knows the madness
That causes men to kill
He has his own brand of mad
It sits in his brain still
He has a gift like those in stories
But his is no fantasy
It tears and breaks his happiness
And steals his sanity
We see the darkness creeping
We scream for him to hide
But he sits instead, at the table
With the Devil, he will dine
:iconhawksky:Hawksky 0 0
The stillness in the air precedes
An adventurous night with many deeds
Good or bad, who is to know
When a place is so very empty
Quiet remains, still unbroken
But the stillness is slowly fading
A vine, creeping up its column
In this abandoned place
It keeps climbing, higher, higher
Sprouting leaves and white flowers
Other vines twitch, contemplating
Breaking their stony state
The flowers bloom into roses
Other vines leap to race them
Stillness dies as plants do rise
Up their respective columns
The flowers streak with red and pink
And really, who is to think?
Such a lovely place exists
Yet nobody must see
Fragrance fills the air
The flowers bobbing their heads
A long forgotten sound appears
From the memories of the magic of the place
Laughing echoes
Glasses clink
Forks clack on plates
And heeled boots resound
From the cracked stone floor
The smell of delicacies cooking
The sounds of excited words from all the looking
Ghosts of the people
Who had come to see this place
It's hardly at its
:iconhawksky:Hawksky 1 0
Voice Unheard
In the forest where we now rest
We should stay for eternity
For rarely does such peace last
For the likes of you and me
Here we lay, backs against grass
Discussing plans to leave
I cannot help the protest
Spurred on by what I believe
Let us stay, I suggest
In a voice hopefully heard
Yet none acknowledge, none even protest
Such a voice is always ignored
The forest is truly glorious
A sight to behold
Perfect for us wanderers
To shape and to mold
Into a fitting home
Yet none hear me, and thus we leave
For supposedly better places
I grumble and sulk all the way
Hating how I’m never heard
You do not notice, of course
My angry, lonely form
Searching for a voice of force
And hiding from the inner one of scorn
I don’t expect to be cared for
Not anymore
All I ask is to, just once, be heard
So I may have something on which to hold
:iconhawksky:Hawksky 2 0
Drops of liquid moonlight
Gleaming silver among midnight blue
Shining in the scarce light
And dripping from the moon
This is how the stars seem
As they twinkle side by side
Glowing in moonlight's beam
And ornamenting our sky
This is how I see them
As I lie in the grass
Hiding from the wrath
Of the hot burning sun
This is how we see them
In this world of ours
So let us not hide them
With smoke and with smog
For stars, in the light of the moon
Light our way
In our path of glory or doom
So, please, let them stay
:iconhawksky:Hawksky 3 2
Oh! The brightness of the sun
A warmth that makes us laugh and run
As we joyously dance in the light
We defy moon's dark night
And rejoice instead in sun's kiss
As it chases away cold's sharp bite
And oh! See the golden rays
Pink and yellow, orange and red
The colors vary through the days
As into beautiful patterns they blend
Oh, my dear friend, let us lie in the grass
And bathe in sun's warmth
Try not to stare at the sun of brass
But know it's here with us
:iconhawksky:Hawksky 2 0
On this day in the ice ice cold
A maiden steps out of the forest
Her feet are bare, padding silently through the snow
A dress of thick fur hides her form
Cat prints mark her path
Formed by her soft human feet
Fangs gleam in moonlight's wrath
Claws and skin try not to meet
She is a strange figure
Walking from her old home
The forest, where animal's calls and moans
Are heard no more
Beside her is her ghostly shadow
A lean, prowling tiger
It is her likeness, in a way
It makes her eyes burn with fire
For the maiden is no maiden
The girl is no girl
Her disguise, with every step it is fading
Her strange beauty no longer a lure
For she is a true hunter
Pretending to be prey
A fool's trap for certain
That will destroy us all one day
:iconhawksky:Hawksky 1 2
Castle by the Sea
Far away in another world
I search and search through the cold
To see the fair maiden
In her castle by the sea
In this world where snow falls
Never ending, it never stalls
I search for my fair maiden
In her castle by the frozen sea
I search through forests with trees of ice
Through cold cold caves devoid of light
Through icy wastes haunted by Death
And glittering streams, leading to the lake
Where I met the maiden, my wife
In her castle now, she i the last life
For Death took the rest
Dragged them down and up
And now I wander in unrest
Searching for my love
I am dead, yet still here
Stuck on Earth because of my fear
That the maiden lays dead
Yet I know this cannot be
Because she waits for me
There in her castle by the sea
Where we were wed, so long ago
It feels like centuries
So I search in this frozen world
For my maiden of long ago
For in her castle by the sea
I will finally know and see
Where I shall go to be with she
:iconhawksky:Hawksky 1 0
The world is made of velvet
The colors bright and bold
I am alone in the firelight
From the candle that I hold
The light is beautiful, a bright gold
Shining on the walls
It makes strange, dancing shadows
They are my only company here
:iconhawksky:Hawksky 1 0
It had all been a blur. A horrible cloud in the back of her mind that she dare not delve into for fear of breaking completely. Because Spike could not be dead.
She had scoured desperately through her memories and determined that Spike would never leave her. He wasn't dead. Okay, so he was, but that was a vampire thing. Spike was not dust. He would be clawing his way out of the rubble any second now, and when he did she would run and shove him under some alcove away from the sun and hit him until he accepted her love. Then kiss him senseless because he was alive.
She just knew it.
Why hadn't he accepted her love? Years of insisting and attempting to convince her she did, and when she finally uttered the words he just denied it and sent her on her way. She hated him for it. An extra punch, then.
Where was he? She was getting annoyed, and her friends kept insisting he was dead. She ignored them, of course. Glanced briefly at Dawn's tear-stained face then looked at the crater again, becaus
:iconhawksky:Hawksky 1 1
How My Love Screams
Sometimes I get lost
And can't find my way
Sometimes I cry
Or just don't know what to say
Mostly I just sit
And try not to remember you
Your white-blonde hair
Your expressive eyes, so blue
This fails, of course, you never leave
Never leave my thoughts
Never leave my heart
And despite my reluctance, every memory of you I keep
Your presence always stays
Your voice whispers in the air
Your fingers, playing as the breeze
Stroke my golden hair
And I know you're here, listening to my cries
So, I plead you, stay by my side
Weep with me
Mourn with me
As I raise your soul to the Heavens
Oh, how my love screams
I miss you
:iconhawksky:Hawksky 3 9
Lie, lie here with me
Here in the darkness where I can't see
Lie, here, where I am alone
For I wish to be seen and known
I wish for company and light
I wish to have back my sight
But, for now, alone I lie
In the dark, I cannot cry
Will you bring with you a sun?
So maybe I can see and not feel shunned?
The darkness has crept into my dreams
I fear I am mad, so it would seem
I pray for you to come to me
Here in my prison, I cannot flee
We would talk, how long it has been
Since I used my voice, instead I practice zen
Perhaps we will discuss the dreary walls
I've felt them, you know, they're not very tall
A better subject, I think, would be light
How I miss it here, in my permanent night
I am so lonely here, where I lie
I am beginning to hope it is here I die
Will you bring me to the world above?
I wish it so, here there is no love
Take me away from this dreadful place
I only hope to see your face
As you carry me to my new home
I'm begging you, don't leave me alone
:iconhawksky:Hawksky 1 3
Border Between Life and Death
The flowers reach
Over the horizon
The wind blows
Causing sand from the beach
To land on their soft petals
So simple,
So pure,
How it gently settles
The salty air whispers
In her long dark hair
Her feet thud in the sand
Leaving faint tracks behind
A border between water and land
Her eyes search the sky
The thick, dark veil
Black as her silky hair
Thoughts race through her mind
Strange, exotic thoughts
Of loneliness and sorrow
Stars dance in her hair
And on the surface of the water
Broken by the rolling waves
And every thud of her feet
Shaking her dark ocean
They dance in her eyes, too
The deep, thoughtful orbs
Like two small pieces of the night
Reflected with loneliness
Her dress is thick velvet
The color of grief
It brushes the sand and wipes away
The footprints left behind
Creating a thick line
Her feet are bare, padding silently through the sand
Yet upon her head
Lays an elegant crown
Silver and inlaid with a single large ruby
The blood-colored jewel is broken, as is her soul
:iconhawksky:Hawksky 1 3
Night is draped over the bare branches
Pure black is the world around it
A thick, hungry mist
That, with its hungry jaws
Devours light
Despite this, a glowing orb appears
Flitting through the darkness
And leaving little sparkles in it wake
It cuts through the night
A sharp, radiant knife
Slicing at the angry creature
And leaving a glittering wound
This light is joined by others
Dancing amidst the dark
Leaving the fog in fluttering shreds
Ebony with sparkling edges
The night is transformed
Int an effulgent, glimmering wonder
Behold, the work of fireflies
:iconhawksky:Hawksky 1 0
Dark and Light
The moon is a bright white orb
Hanging amidst the dark
It is reflected in a pool
In a forest with trees like black cords
And elf leans beside the pool
Her skin as white as the moon
An even brighter white is her hair
Blinding, yet so fair
She touches the reflection of the moon
And watches it break then mend
She keeps watching, just to escape
The matters to which she must attend
She then stands tall
And opens her mouth
And lets out an eerie call
The sound echoes throughout the forest
A thundering is heard and then comes a horse
A horse made of stars
She climbs onto its back and holds
And stares into the red eyes
They communicate silently and the horse is off
And together they ride
Shining amidst the dark forest
Dark and light, side by side
:iconhawksky:Hawksky 1 4
The way a flower
Looked up at me
From a heap of snow
Has made me see
That color exists in a colorless world
Where all melts away from the sun, so bright
And even among bleak, cold swirls
There is a hope of light
:iconhawksky:Hawksky 1 2
Green Corridor
I walk in a green corridor
With a roof of mingled vines
The wind whispers me a story
A story with many lines.
I walk in a green corridor
With living columns around me
And nature's soft, fragrant jewels,
Are everywhere I can see.
I walk in a green corridor
With peace in my heart
And a story in my mind
And a feeling I had sought
On a day more worrisome than this
A feeling I can't describe.
:iconhawksky:Hawksky 1 4


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